Andrew Pottage – Founder of Pixul

Andrew Pottage

Andrew Pottage, founder of Pixul, visited us at the University of Bolton to give us a lecture on his experience within the industry and the types of techniques that he has picked up from this. One topic which caught my attention was ‘be creative with marketing’. This is an interesting topic because it gets you thinking of unique ways to selling your game rather than the ordinary ones that we come across.

Guerrilla marketing is a great way to perform creative marketing. The reason why it is good is because it’s low cost and allows you to be creative by doing things that hasn’t been done before. From the (Gaudet, n/d) online article titled ‘Market Like A Rockstar: Lessons from GTA V’ he goes onto mention that ‘Guerrilla marketing uses low cost, unconventional marketing tactics that can create a big return on investment’ which goes to show any company can use this, even big AAA companies because it has a great return on investment for them, rather than spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on other advertisements.

Rockstar Games creative marketing taken from, (Tsuroki, 2008)

Alternative Reality Games, ARG for short, is another marketing strategy that combines real world marketing with games. This allows the users to get involved and interact with their marketing. An example of this can be taken from (Creative Guerrilla Marketing, 2013) online blog titled ‘Ways Modern Video Game Companies Market Their Product’, that mentions ‘one of the most famous video game ARGs was “I Love Bees,” for Bungie’s “Halo” game. Halo Nation reports this marketing campaign for “Halo 2” started with a launching point of a supposed beekeeper website, which was being taken over by a mysterious entity’. This is a great way to gain attention to the game, as people are going to spread the site around as it’s something new and hasn’t been done before, making more people learn about it and wanting to know more.

Alternate Reality Games taken from, (Parker, 2011)

Finally, pre-orders are a great way for companies to get early attention and money before the game is released. Normally with pre-orders, they will include something specific to the game such as in game money or a limited edition spaceship. This will give people the incentive to purchase it as you are getting something other than the game for the same price. Pre-orders are very popular in today’s industry as it grabs the attention easily without the company needing to do much. (Segal, n/d) online blog titled ‘3 Marketing Lessons From The Video Game Industry You Can Use For Your Business’, she mentions that ‘pre-game ordering is a massively successful marketing strategy for game makers and retailers’, which tells us that a lot of money can be made using this marketing strategy because it is really successful.

Showing pre-order bonus taken from, (EBGames, 2016)

To conclude, creative marketing is a great field for fan interaction as well as gaining attention to new potential customers. Companies can benefit greatly from this because it gains hype, making money roll into the business, which is essentially what they are looking for.


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