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Hal Sandbach – Head of Design at d3t Ltd

Hal Sandbach, head of design at d3t Ltd, came into the University of Bolton to give us a talk on two main subjects which were very informative. The one subject which interested me the most was ‘psychology in games’. Free-to-play games on the mobile platform have created a system in which to bring people back […]

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Arthur Parsons – Game Director at TT Games

Arthur Parson, a game director at TT Games, came to give us a lecture on his career and what he has learnt in the process of being in the industry. He brought up many interesting topics during this lecture but the one that caught my attention the most was ‘intellectual property’. With intellectual property, it […]

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Andrew Pottage – Founder of Pixul

Andrew Pottage, founder of Pixul, visited us at the University of Bolton to give us a lecture on his experience within the industry and the types of techniques that he has picked up from this. One topic which caught my attention was ‘be creative with marketing’. This is an interesting topic because it gets you […]

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