Mafia Style 2D Game Update #1

I am currently making a 2d game made in SFML using C++ that is about a Capo (the player) that get assigned tasks. The idea of the game is to complete these tasks without being seen. The player also has to figure out who the culprit is by matching the description, but it won’t be so easy as there could be more people wandering around that look similar so time and patience is a key. As of yet, I do not have a game title but that will come in mind soon when I have built more onto the game.

My progress so far with the game has gone really well, I have added bullets that destroy after a certain time, temporary enemies that have walking animation and simple AI, I have also got a map loaded using a piece of software called Tiled, which is then ported over using a tmx-loader and a very buggy run-away feature if the enemy see’s you with a gun out (will be working on this more in the future).

Video of my current progress:

Future plans for the game:

  • Interesting GUI
  • Better AI (Runaway, inspect, field of vision, dead state, defend??)
  • Collision on the map
  • More map designs
  • Add missions for the player
  • Add randomized player colors and features
  • Trust meter
  • End game (Become the Godfather)