Space Exploration Progress [Day 6]

So, I just started up a blog for my site and I am currently working on a Space Exploration game for Mix Tape #03 Jam. The theme is Exploration so my idea was to create a 2D infinite procedural space world.

On day 1, I set up the character including rotating it with the mouse and moving it with the W key.

On day 2, I set up the enemy so that it fly’s towards the player. I also made it shoot at the player at random times and when the player is out of range, the enemy will stop following.

On day 3, I started to setup the procedural world handling it with chunks. So far its very buggy but I am working on fixing it.

On day 4, I fixed a bug with the enemy glitching out when it reached the player. I fixed it by stopping the movement when it hits a certain distance

On day 5, not much done, just did some bullet collision stuff

On day 6, fixed a few chunk stuff, still isn’t rendering correctly yet.

Here is a video so far of the game: