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Space Exploration Progress [Day 8]

So today I decided to work on a planet spawn system. I wanted it so multiple planets spawn randomly in my world with different textures to make it dynamic rather than 1 planet and keep re-visiting it over and over. I handled this using an array of textures then randomly changing the array number when […]

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Space Exploration Progress [Day 7]

So today, I finally got my rendering working properly. It is now currently infinite, however, only stars and asteroids are currently in the game and it can be tweaked loads to make it look nicer. I am now planning on adding some planets and some rare finds in the game and some objectives for the […]

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Space Exploration Progress [Day 6]

So, I just started up a blog for my site and I am currently working on a Space Exploration game for Mix Tape #03 Jam. The theme is Exploration so my idea was to create a 2D infinite procedural space world. On day 1, I set up the character including rotating it with the mouse and moving […]

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